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cheap throw pillow covers “Today my forest is dark…” Mixed Media Origins Layout personalised birthday gifts

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Why do you craft?? To make art? ?Design? ?Create? ?Because your are driven to do it? ?Because it relaxes you? ?Because it must?come out? ?Because it is your?therapy? ?Everyone creates for a reason?and with a purpose even if we don’;t always realize it. ?It may be a love of making for others, out of necessity, a need to fix or make?something better or a stress reliever. ?Creating is a proven healer and is used daily in children’;s hospitals to help the patients take their minds off of their treatments and healing, in nursing homes to help?rehabilitate the mind and body and in our homes to help us work through emotionscheap throw pillow covers, trials and things that the world throws our way. ?Sometimes the work greatly reflects what we are feeling and sometimes we create cheerful and bright pieces that take us?where we want to go, both are healing and both tell a story. ? the message of creating and healing and next time you wonder how you can?help a friend, child or loved one who is hurting or?going through a hard time, consider the gift of art as a?therapy that can take their mind off their troubles or dig deeper and?express what they are feeling when words may not.?

Crew Member Mandy Leever-Koel walks us through her story, her thoughts, and her art as she creates?this amazing work of art that will always remind her of this time, her strength, her son’;s strength and how precious life is. ?It is as if each detail was created as she worked through things and brought them together to create a masterpiece. ?

retro cushion covers

Hellen Keller’s profound statement “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” embodies what we hope our newest collection will inspire….travels around the world or travels in your dreams to faraway places and making sure to enjoy the adventure along the way. ?Pretty travel papers with a European flare.

I’m here today to give you the real deal on stocked, allow-extra-time and custom upholstery. Read on for the insider’s guide to what you need to know before you buy your next?sofa, sectional or chair.

We often say that the goal of decorating your home is toexpress your personality through furniture, art, and accessories, and walking into interior designer Maggie Griffin’s home, it’s evident she’s done just that. Her 1940’s brick cottageis layered, inviting, warm, and has an irresistible Southern charm thatdraws you in. She masterfully uses wallpaper throughout the house, has curated a gorgeous collection of art, and mixes family heirlooms with recent finds.

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