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cheap throw pillow covers Watercoloring on Canvas Corp Printed Cardboard personalised birthday gifts

Updated: 2019-09-16 08:53 Views: 179

Hello Canvas Corp followers.? Lynda here and I am excited to share with you this set of items created from a single piece of the Flowers Printed Cardboard.

I love the texture of the printed cardboard and decided that painting on it with watercolors.? Using this medium would allow me to build up just the right colors I wanted.? Unlike other more absorbent surfaces, this cardboard really floats the color which allows you to put some down, move it around, and then let it dry to come back and add more to it later.

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Here are my basic supplies for this project:Canvas Corp Printed Cardboard –; FlowersCanvas Corp Value Pack Note Cards White (50 count)Watercolor paints and?BrushesWhite Gouache paintrotary cuttercheap throw pillow covers,?ruler,?scrap ribbonstrong paper adhesive,?black ink pad,?white paint pen

Start by layering colors onto your cardboard.? I used one flower as my test flower to practice the color intensity.? Allowing it to slightly dry between colors allows you to build up to the exact color you would like.? Once I had settled on the color range I was going to use, I then laid down the lightest color on each flower and then worked my way through the darker shades until I had achieved the desired look.

You can see from this part way through image how much the look changes when you go back and add darker colors to the project:

Once I had all the colors how I wanted them, I then went back in with a tiny brush and white gouache paint to add highlights and dots to the piece.? You can see those details in this image below.? Once the sheet was totally dry, I used a ruler to mark out how I wanted to cut the sheet and a rotary cutter.? I made a single cut to divide the 12 x 12 piece into two; one that was 7 x 12 and one that is 5 x 12.

I was going to make two cards from the 7 x 12 strip using the white note cards as the base.? I cut the strip into two panels that were? 5 x 7 for the card fronts; leaving me with a 2 x 7 inch piece.? I thought it would be fun to distress the edges of the cut pieces.? For one I used black ink; which really made the black print of the pattern stand out on the card.

For the second card, I used a white wide paint pen to distress the edges.? I really liked how with the white edge it really makes those tiny highlights and dots I added POP!

I had a small 2 x 7 inch strip left from trimming for the card fronts and decided I could punch a hole in that, add a piece of scrap ribbon and make a bookmark from this remaining scrap.

I still have the large strip that is 5 x 12 left to craft with later since these pieces are 12 x 12 in size.? I don’;t know yet what I’;ll make with the last piece, but as you can see you can create a lot of projects from just one piece of this amazing printed cardboard!

So, which do you like better…;edged with black or edged with white?

Be sure to check out all the other amazing printed cardboard designs available in the Canvas Corps Brand store!

Happy crafting!!!

Lynda? blog and instagram

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