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cheap throw pillow covers Purple’s Picks- Scandinavian Nightstands sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-24 03:34 Views: 196

When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you see clean white linens and maybe an exposed brick wall? Is your bed a simple, minimalist platform design and clutter is kept to a minimum? Finish off that modern, Scandinavian-style bedroom with a pair of Purple’s Picks for the best Scandinavian-style nightstands.

Featuring simple, minimalist drawer pulls and a unique drop-down front, this set of Scandinavian nightstands are vintage items from the 1960s. Crafted out of teak wood, this set of nightstands were created by Danish designer Arne Voddercheap throw pillow covers, making them true Scandinavian-style decor pieces. [Chairish]

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This vintage dresser from Chairish has a hint of modernist design and a sunken drawer. With the simple contrasting wood dresser pull and a teak wood construction, this dresser is a minimalist option with a bit of decorative flair. [Chairish]

Available in white oak, black walnut, and lacquered white oak, this bedside table from Habitables is a Scandinavian-style option with some mid-century modern inspired details. Hairpin-style legs and a simple drawer come together to create a visually-interesting nightstand that will pair well with your platform bed. [Habitables]

Designed in Sweden and made out of elm wood, this Scandinavian-style dresser is a more elaborate than other options on our list, featuring a frosted glass top and a unique geometric wood grain. Hairpin style legs add a mid-century modern flair while simple silver drawer pulls adds sophistication. [Pamono]

Featuring a simple teak wood design and plenty of storage, this set of nightstands is vintage 1950s and designed in Denmark. [Pamono]

This minimalist nightstand features the standard wood design ofScandinavian furniture and the hairpin-style legs of mid-century modern furniture for a gorgeous bedroom piece. Featuring two drawers to store away all your bedtime necessities, this nightstand is as functional as it is beautiful. [Oakiestudio on Etsy]

Available in natural wood as well as a variety of colors, this nightstand is a simple Scandinavian-inspired piece that’s made out of solid beech wood. [craftworksfurniture on Etsy]

First popularized in the 1960s, Scandinavian-style home decor is all about simple, minimalist designs that make a subtle statement. Thanks to stores like IKEA, the Scandinavian design aesthetic is making a big come back in the average American’s home. Scandinavian furniture is made out of solid wood and features little in the way of decorative details.

Scandinavian nightstands, in particular, are simple square pieces that either sit directly on the floor or are propped up with mid-century modern inspired hairpin legs. These are functional pieces that offer a drawer or two as well as a storage shelf for all your bedtime necessities. The drawer pulls are either cut out or are a simple wood design that keeps with the minimalist theme.

Featuring mid-century modern inspired hairpin legs and a simple wood design, this Scandinavian dresser is both functional and eye-catching. This DIY project is a good option for new woodworkers. [That Scandinavian Feeling]

If you have a knack for woodworking and want to create a Scandinavian nightstand that’s nothing short of impressive, consider this DIY project.

Made out of just four pieces of wood, this super minimalist nightstand is a functional solution for your bedroom. Finish it off with a fresh coat of white paint for a sleek, modern look, or consider leaving the wood as is for a more Scandinavian-style look. [A Beautiful Mess]

Made out of birch plywood and featuring a simple, minimalist design, this open-front nightstand project adds a Scandinavian-style feel to your space. [The Merry Thought]

If you want more Scandinavian design inspiration, check out our picks for Scandinavian dressers.

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