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cheap throw pillow covers Purple’s Picks- Scandinavian Dresser sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-23 13:32 Views: 59

Do you obsess over those bedrooms on Instagram that are sleek, white, and admirably minimalist? Do you strive for that same look in your own space? It sounds like Scandinavian design is right up your alley. Check out Purple’s Picks for the best Scandinavian-inspired minimalist dressers.

With a simple wood design and mid-century modern inspired legs, this American Ash wood features 10 drawers for optimal storage. Featuring simple holes for drawer handles, this dresser has a minimalist feel, and will make a subtle statement in your Scandinavian-style bedroom. [Studiomoe on Etsy]

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For a more refined, modern take on Scandinavian designcheap throw pillow covers, consider this reclaimed wood dresser from Etsy. With simple white trim and sleek, silver drawer handles, this dresser is available in eight different finishes and adds a touch of class to your bedroom. Five deep drawers make this a functional storage option for all your garments. [wwmake on Etsy]

A vintage item from the 1960s, this Scandinavian dresser is crafted out of Walnut wood, and though they don’t know for sure, the seller has a hunch this piece was made by designer Vinde Mobelfabrik in Denmark. Offering six drawers and four cabinets, this beautiful piece offers both functionality and a decorative touch to your space. [GOODNQUICK on Etsy]

Featuring four large drawers with round sculpted pulls, this mid-century modern style dresser is handmade out of reclaimed teak wood. The dark finish on this dresser gives it a solid appeal while the simple style is definitely Scandinavian-inspired. [CIRCA60 on Etsy]

Another vintage item from the 1960s, this dresser from Pamono features four large drawers and a restored teak wood build. This piece was manufactured in Denmark, making it a true Scandinavian dresser. [Pamono]

Made in Denmark in the 1950s, this simple, minimalist dresser features four drawers and a warm walnut finish. [Pamono]

Made out of teak wood, this dresser features mid-century modern details like hairpin legs and contrasting wood. With six drawers and decorative handles, this piece makes a statement in your Scandinavian-style home. [Pamono]

With an emphasis on simple lines, minimalist details, and functionality, Scandinavian design was first popularized in the 1960s thanks to an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Scandinavian furniture made its modern-day revival through the popularity of big, put-it-together-yourself furniture companies like IKEA. Those big retailers not only brought Scandinavian furniture back into popularity but made them more accessible to the general population due to the lower price tag.

Scandinavian dressers, in particular, are incredibly minimalist while making an attractive statement in your bedroom. The frames are sharp and square, and the drawers are large and offer plenty of space for all your garments. The drawer pulls are functional rather than decorative with many being cut into the dresser itself. While some dressers sit directly on the floor, others feature mid-century modern inspired legs for a bit of a decorative touch.

Though this dresser is on the smaller side, it will add a minimalist Scandinavian flair to your bedroom. Crafted out of maple wood, the dresser offers three drawers and a cabinet to organize your wardrobe. [YouTube]

For an affordable Scandinavian-inspired dresser, consider this DIY project that utilizes plywood and wood dowels to create a simple, minimalist look. [YouTube]

Designed with the more advanced woodworkers in mind, this gorgeous reclaimed pallet wood dresser is a simple minimalist addition to your space. [YouTube]

If you want more dresser design inspiration, check out our picks for industrial dressers.

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