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cheap throw pillow covers Minimalist’s Folding Chair Doubles as Wall Art geometric cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-09 08:30 Views: 161

We love this design idea from German design group Ambivalenz. The Fl?pps: Folding Chair?doubles as an artwork, and a simple folding ‘picnic’ chair.?The chair snaps out into a modern, streamlined version of a fold-out chair. Unfolded however, it transforms into a less than one-inch-thick artworkcheap throw pillow covers, designed to be hung on the wall and featured (or easily stacked into a small space).

solid throw pillow covers

The endless geometric patterning means it can be hung solely or in a group, so if you’re a minimalist, or live in a small space, you can host extra guests without the unnecessary clutter.

We love the bright designs, of which there is an array to choose from. But, they also come in Natural which made us think about painting our own chair ‘series’ (using any viable wood folding chair). They remind us of other hangable, foldable sculptural chairs.

This little video gives the gist of how this clever chair is made, if you want to run with the idea and ?try fabricating one yourself. It’;s all in the hinges…;

The Ambivalenz collective LOVES designing foldable furniture with hinges. Check out all the clever hinged house hold items they’;ve designed here.

To inquire about ordering The Flapps Folding Chair,?click here.

—Eleanor Findlay

I am at it again, making DIY pendant lights. ?I don’t think good lighting should be so expensive. ?Lighting is one of those key elements to a great design and typically comes along with a price tag to match. ?To defy paying outrageous prices, I set out to make my own modern pendant light. ?And, it only set me back about $40.

When looking at photos of unusual interiors and architecturally unique spaces, don't you imagine what it would feel like to be there? Not just peering in or passing through, but what it might feel like to inhabit the space? To live there? To be doing your usual things in such an unusual space?

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