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cheap throw pillow covers It took time to discover the hidden potential of this Beach Haven home sofa pillow covers

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Perched on a lush coastal outcrop in Beach Haven, this home was hiding a lot of potential. Discover the renovation journey of this quirky little abode

–; Bridie, what’s the best lesson you’ve learned during the renovations? Being patient. The house keeps evolving as time and money allow.

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–; What would you never do again? Buy a vanity for the bathroom – not worth the money unless you have a huge budget.

–; Any DIY disasters? Our beautiful, warm and soft painted cork floors. They were accidentally washed by our cleaner when the varnish was still curing – they did not come out the other side particularly well and now need to be resurfaced.

–; One thing you would change about your home if you could? A wider hall – I don’t know what they were thinking! I hate narrow hallways and there was room for it to be wider.

–; Most memorable experience in your home so far? We have the ultimate party house – it’s always full of friends and family. There have been some goodies!

How much did you spend on your home?Bridie: It’s hard to put a number on it as we renovated as and when we could afford, but the kitchen came in at just under $25,000, which included everything right down to flooring, plumbing, wiring, appliances and paint. The bathroom was around the $8000 mark, which included all new flooringcheap throw pillow covers, walls and plumbing.

How did your budget compare to your actual spend?Usually always spot on – good planning!

What areas of your home did you splurge on?The wood used to build our deck was very expensive, but it’s beautifully finished and will last for a very long time. The fact that Tony can build means our costs were cut in half.

Do you tend to buy high-end homeware or seek out a bargain?I’m always seeking a bargain, but I try not to buy too cheap. I think you can spend a little more on things you love, as some of the really cheap replicas can end up falling apart – a false economy in the end. But we are also very fortunate to be a little crafty, which means we can hunt second-hand stores and find amazing pieces that just need a little love.

Best advice when it comes to spending money on a home?Always get multiple quotes, and don’t be scared to give it a go; you may be surprised at what you can achieve yourself. But also remember that sometimes your time is worth more. For instance, we tend to get in a professional gib stopper for the big areas – it saves time and stress and achieves a fantastic finish for painting. We also had the exterior window frames painted. Again, it was a question of time and stress reduction.

How did you keep track of costs during the renovations?Tony is the spreadsheet king – and I tend to have a small panic attack if I see too many big dollar signs (unless shoes are involved). The key is to look critically at what your budget is – do you need to have everything new, or can you use what’s there already and give it a twist? Some of our favourite light fittings in the house are the original ones, others we are slowly replacing as time goes on.

Words by: Tina Stephen.Photography by: Helen Bankers.


This is the family’s favourite room of the house and it’s easy to see why, with its vistas of beautiful Waitemata Harbour, cosy nooks for reading, and dappled light filtering through the garden’s subtropical fringe.


Perched on a lush coastal outcrop in Beach Haven, a quirky little home was hiding a lot of potential.


The property has numerous outdoor spaces, each created for a purpose.


The dining area boasts a fire pit made by Tony.


The garden courtyard is connected to the kitchen via French doors and is sheltered from onshore winds


The existing kitchen had dated cabinetry and awkward design features, so a complete overhaul was the best solution


The open-plan kitchen and dining room exude warmth with honey-toned wooden windows, raked ceilings and a soft palette of bone white.


Use a neutral palette as a starting point, then add colours to provide the character and feeling you want to evoke.


The overall effect of the interior is charming, with glowing timbers, delightful nooks and a combination of modern homewares and vintage finds.


Shop their style:Zacharia ceiling pendant, $99, from?Freedom.?Hendrix wall hanging, $95, from Junk &; Disorderly. Indoor/outdoor hanging chair, $849, from


Bridie and Tony turned their attention to the rest of the home, focusing on creating functional, beautiful and fun spaces.


Another innovation was a working space for Tony’s personal coffee roastery and craft beer brewery, which has meant the garage has literally doubled in size.


The original stone fireplace adds texture and warmth to the lower living area and is a favourite spot on wintry nights for games and movie-watching.


Shop their style:Leather butterfly chair, $799, from cushion, $64.95, from Freedom.?Loppy LED bunny night light, $22.99, from Shut The Front Door.?Faux cow hide, $55, from Kmart.


The house is also perfect for introducing modern shades and texture to the interior.


This architecturally designed home built in 1979 has lots of endearing quirks including built-in shelving, nooks and cut-out views of the harbour.


The home?has a lush, tropical feeling throughout.


Ava’s gorgeous bunks are layered with soft textures, with a pale pink quilt from Burrow &; Be and a collection of mix-and-match cushions.


Lula’s plywood bedhead was made by Tony and fitted with a feature light.


Shop their style:Round shelf, $20, from Kmart.?Aage Hundevad oak credenza, $2750, from Mr Bigglesworthy.

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