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cheap throw pillow covers An artist designs the perfect holiday interior - sofa pillow covers

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When a home’s interior is ready to be worked on it is often an interior designer who is hired to bring it to life. But when the owners of The White House holiday rental at Waimarama Beach in Hawke’s Bay needed someone to undertake the interior of their newly built abode, they chose an artist.

With construction almost complete, the owners – who prefer to remain anonymous – called on local artist Leanne Culy who is known for her clean style in her art and homeware, to take charge of the interior.

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Leanne chose everything from the wall colours and artwork to the bed linen and curtain fabrics.

Its location, plus it’s a fun house in that several families can all holiday in it with one big communal areacheap throw pillow covers, yet still enjoy their own areas to retreat to if they want quiet time.

Because it has a wonderful, large communal space as well as private spaces – there are lots of living options. The communal area is a bonus which everyone gravitates to.

Working with the coloured floor, which came from the McLean Park grandstand in Hawke’s Bay.

Pick colours that are timeless, such as neutral colours.

Yes, think of a few colours you like and keep them consistent throughout the house. Break the rule every now and then so it isn’t matchy-matchy – throw in some spontaneous colour.

Art, texture and living things like plants and natural products such as sisal flooring, planters, beautiful pots and earthy tones. Try to bring the outside colours in such as those of the sea and sand.

Art always looks good on white but it’s okay to paint a wall in your house to work with a piece of art that you love.

Words by: Catherine SteelPhotography by: Sarah Horn


“Think of a few colours you like and keep them consistent throughout the house”.



The cabana-style living space on the ground floor is designed as a family space in which people can relax, listen to music and cook together.


Mila de Jager, 18 months and Ekhi de Jager, 4, sweep the floor.


Curtains in Hoki print on hemp by Homebase Collections and sisal flooring provide comfort and soft light in one of the downstairs bedrooms.


Leanne commissioned Douglas and Bec to create the wall-hung bedside lamps.


Cushions in Dick Frizzell Wood Grain by Homebase Collections decorate a corner of the room.


Leanne commissioned Douglas and Bec to create the wall-hung bedside lamps.


Seafoam and taupe echo the colours in the surrounding natural landscape.


“I didn’t want the interior to date but rather stand the test of time”.


Artist Leanne Culy chose all the interior details for The White House. Coloured floorboards were sanded back and limewashed, providing subtle yet cheerful colour in the upstairs living area.


The style of the kitchen in the self-contained flat (below right) mirrors that of the kitchen in the main house.


Children can camp out in the games room, which features a blackboard and dart board


Children can camp out in the games room, which features a blackboard and dart board.


Pottery by Hawke’s Bay’s Kim Morgan.


The colourful bathroom art is by Fane Flaws.


Glass tiles in one of the bathrooms continue Leanne’s favourite turquoise hue.


The bedroom is part of the self-contained flat.


Leanne added table lamps to create mood lighting – she also continued the Dick Frizzell Wood Grain print in a lampshade.



Eaves and a verandah provide a sheltered outdoor room (middle left). The central courtyard is the perfect spot for entertaining in a sheltered space. Mila and Ekhi eat lunch in the courtyard with parents Francis de Jager and fiancé Eneritz Etxeberria.

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