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accent pillow case baby canvas

accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir This couple's bach dreams came true with this cute Mangawhai reno sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-24 09:00 Views: 170

This creative couple designed and built their dream bach; a personality-packed Mangawhai weekend retreat just out of Auckland

Mark Newbold, 43 (chartered accountant), Kylee Newbold, 37 (head of arts at an Auckland secondary school and jewellery maker)accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, plus dogs Frida and Stanley.

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Any DIY disasters?

We underestimated the need to mask areas well when we started painting – this meant we had a lot of clean-up to do. Masking tape is the way to go.

One thing you would change about your home if you could?

When we originally designed the bach, we thought it would become a minor dwelling, so we designed the kitchen without an oven. Now that we love the bach and are planning to extend it, we’re trying to work an oven into the design.

Most memorable experience you have had in your home?

Our first night in the bach was a huge highlight. We’d both dreamed of having a bach for years but never thought we could make it a reality until we were much older. We’re definitely stoked to have this little space and try and make the most of it.

How did your budget forecast compare to your actual spend? How did you keep track of costs during renovations?

We were spot on with our $100,000 budget. With Mark being an accountant, he kept a close eye on everything and priced out all of the costs accurately. He communicated regularly with our project manager/builder to keep track of everything going on.

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The use of simple building materials such as ply, helped keep the budget in check, while plenty of vintage homeware, including this Felix the Cat clock, give the bach character.


Cutting shapes Small but perfectly formed, the finished product honours the classic Kiwi bach,while being bold in its use of colour and geometric forms.







Decked out The interior may be tiny, but the covered deck increases the living area and is a favourite spot for the Newbolds to spend time with visiting family and friends over coffee or a colddrink.




Floor pla

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Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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