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accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir Should You Carry A Designer Handbag For A Job Interview- pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-12-03 11:11 Views: 269

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Women love handbags in all its glory. In all shapes, sizes, colours, whether it’s a tote, cross body, shopperaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, satchel, leather, and cloth…it does not matter. Women’s love for handbags can for many reasons but the most important one being very simple, a classy and chic handbag can elevate any look from simple to fabulous. Wear a simple pair of jeans and top but carry that ooh la la bag and one can instantly feel their confidence soaring. And that confidence soars higher if it’s a designer bag. After all, exclusivity should count for something, right?

Yes, it does but depends on the situation. So, should you carry a designer handbag for a job interview? Well, that depends on the kind of job you are after.

It’s All About The Look?

It’s true that the right bag can make you look stylish and yet someone who can handle responsibilities at an interview. But the message can be misconstrued if you decide to carry something loud, flashy and unfitting. Remember that an understated style works better during an interview rather than a in your face approach.

What You Carry Should Not Overshadow You

The minute you walk to your interviewers room, you interview begins non-verbally. What you wear, carry, your style of handshake etc. reveals a lot about you. During such a scenario, an expensive handbag with a designer label will deflate the attention from you. Therefore, it’s best to carry something restrained (not dull!) yet stylish so that you stay at the centre of attention. Remember that in an interview, your handbag should play the supporting role only.

Use Your Common Sense!

If you are going to be remembered for that high-label bag you carried, then it was probably and error in judgment. Know your industry before making any decision. Interviewing for a fashion magazine? Then it’s probably okay. But if you think the industry you are keen to join will frown upon your designer label accessory (banking jobs, strict cooperate roles, law etc.), then avoid. Flashing logos might portray you as fashionable rather than professional and that’s never a good image if you are just beginning your career.

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