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accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir Purple’s Picks- Modern Table Lamps sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-24 00:20 Views: 445

Everyone has that one space in their house that’s always a bit too dim. If you’re having to squint to read that murder mystery novel that you just can’t put down, it may be time to invest in some table lighting. Check out Purple’s picks for our favorite modern table lamps.

This table lamp is both sleek and minimalist, featuring beautiful dark marble and gold details. A dimmer is included to set the perfect mood for any occasion, whether it be a cocktail party or reading in bed. [Lightology]

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Gold details bring a bit of Hollywood glam to this otherwise minimalist white table lamp. [Lightology]

This sleek modern matte black lamp is a no-frills option for your minimalist space. [Lightology]

Taking inspiration from mid-century modern design, this table lamp features gold hairpin legs that are both sleek and visually interesting. [Lightology]

This gold-finished console lamp is definitely a step away from the traditional. With geometric details and no standard lampshade, this modern table lamp is more reminiscent of a decorative art piece than a functional light fixture. [Lamps Plus]

Modern design is all about sleekaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, clean lines, and this table lamp delivers on both! The asymmetric style of this lamp adds some visual interest while maintaining a subtle modern vibe. [Lamps Plus]

Available in sleek black or brass, this table lamp is an ideal addition to a desk or side table that needs a bit more light. The directional design of this lamp allows you to point the light exactly where you need it. [MODCREATIONStudio on Etsy]

Taking inspiration from mid-century modern design, this two-toned table lamp is handcrafted from solid maple and mahogany wood. Customize this lamp by choosing from a variety of different wood species and cord colors. [BlackhallWoodworks on Etsy]

This caged lamp is made out of copper and pipes, adding a modern industrial feel to your space. Customize this lamp by choosing from a variety of wood finishes, pipe finishes, and bulb styles. [HangoutLighting on Etsy]

Modern design appreciates the sleeker, more minimalist things in life: sharp, clean lines, simple details, and neutral colors. It’s unlikely that you will see bright colors, intricate patterns, or ornate details in modern home decor. Generally, modern table lamps are crafted out of metal and may or may not feature wood details. The lampshades are neutral and simple, adding to the overall minimalist lamp body design.

There’s something about concrete that feels industrial yet modern when it’s crafted into a light fixture. This DIY project comes together with just a few simple tools and supplies.

Made out of oak and recycled skateboards, this DIY modern lamp features an Edison bulb for a decorative touch.

Pipe shelves and lamps are very much modern and on trend lately, and with that can come a steep price tag. This copper pipe table lamp project will save you some cash and is totally customizable for your space.

If you want more modern design inspiration, check out our picks for modern rugs.

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