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accent pillow case baby canvas

accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir Purple’s Picks- Modern Rugs sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-23 14:19 Views: 116

Rugs have a way of bringing a space together. You may have the perfect minimalist modern bed and mid-century inspired dresser, but the room isn’t complete without an eye-catching rug. Check out Purple’s picks for modern rugs to bring all that modern furniture together.

For a modern rug that will quickly become the centerpiece of your space, consider this abstract marbled rug. [Rugs USA]

accent pillow case baby canvas living room deco

One of the cornerstones of modern design is sharp, clean lines. This rug features a variety of angled lines to accompany your minimalist modern furniture. [Rugs USA]

This sustainably sourced, eco-friendly sheep wool rug is soft, yet durable in high-traffic areas. [WollyClouds on Etsy)

One of the design elements of mid-century modern that has made its way into modern decor is geometric shapes. This crocheted rug features neutral colors while taking a bit of mid-century modern inspiration. [TheVictoriaStudio on Etsy]

Neutral tones and sleek lines come together to create a rug that is a subtle addition to your modern space. [Home Dynamix]

Perhaps you want a rug that will bring your space together without being the centerpiece of the room. This minimalist modern rug features a unique pattern that will compliment your other decor without taking away from it. [Home Dynamix]

Modern home decor is all about the little details. Though from a distance this rug may look simpleaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, it features an intricate pattern that your guests can appreciate from close-up. [Rugs USA]

A more abstract take on sharp, modern lines, this rug adds some visual interest to your space. [Home Dynamix]

Made out of recycled cotton, this striped rug from Etsy is available in three different sizes and adds a soft and cozy feel to your modern decor. [SpinningShreds on Etsy]

Though modern design is relatively new, its predecessor, mid-century modern design was first popularized in the late 1940s. Mid-century modern design is generally characterized by bright pops of color, geometric details, and the use of natural materials such as wood. Modern design takes inspiration from mid-century modern while adding in its own design elements of sharp lines and angles, simple decor pieces, and minimalism.

Modern rugs can vary from minimalist to highly decorative, with both abstract and sharp patterns making an appearance. Though some modern rugs may incorporate bright pops of color, many will maintain subtle, neutral colors to match with the simple decor and furniture of the space.

Depending on your current room decor, you could go with a subtle rug to compliment your sleek, modern decor. Alternatively, you could choose a more abstract, visually interesting rug to become the centerpiece of your space.

If you like the look of custom, hand-painted rugs (but not the expensive price tag!), consider making this DIY rug your next project! The pattern is Scandinavian-inspired and has a neutral black and white color pallet to fit in with your modern space. [Design Dots]

We all have an old pair of jeans (or five) laying around the house. Why not transform them into a beautiful modern rug? [A Beautiful Mess]

Remember using tangrams in elementary school? Well, consider this the grown-up version! Using carpet squares, you can create a one of a kind geometric rug that’s as bright or as neutral as you like. [DIY Designer on YouTube]

This DIY rug is the perfect combination of modern and ultra cozy. Made out of chicken wire and chunky yarn, this rug can be customized to be as small or as large as you like! [TheSorryGirls on YouTube]

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