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accent pillow case baby canvas

accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir Mixed Media Altered Dominoes personalised birthday gifts

Updated: 2019-09-11 19:51 Views: 153

It’;s time to play a little creative game on the blog today with a box full of dominoes and some crafty supplies. ?You might not be able to see?the dots anymore, but the finished pieces?are work?of art. ?Challenging yourself to create little works of art can be?a lot of fun when you get over?your “;how do I do that”; fear. Simply embrace the little space?and get ready to have a ball!

Crew Member Erin Reed shares some of her creations along with a how-to video to show you how it is done.?

accent pillow case baby burlap sofa

Do you ever just want to get your hands into some paint and experiment to see what happens?? Starting small with little objects is the perfect way to see what?Tattered Angels paints and mists will do.? At the end of it all you will have?some pretty cool little embellishments to use on all kinds of projects such as a necklace or a decorative bowl full of art!?

Erin decided to experiment with Tattered Angels?Glimmer Mists (sheer mist that adds a color and mica), Glimmer Glams?(tinted coating backed with brilliant glitter that dries into the paint)accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, and High Impact Paints?(high quality acrylic style paint that is opaque and will stick to virtually any surface),?in a variety of colors to see how they would react on dominoes that had been coated with black gesso.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Start by adding lots of layers and colors of paints and mists using stencils, and then finish them up with a few fun stamps. You will get some amazing results!

This video will walk you through the process step-by-step:

The beauty of the Tattered Angels line is that you can mix and match different colors and types of paints and they turn out amazing!!? Erin’;s personal favorite is the Bronze High Impact paint –; wow does that just sparkle or what?!

Take a closer look at these fun little embellishments:

Add stamps, stencils or rub-ons to the finished product –; or maybe you have a signature “;logo”;.

The paints have amazing shimmer and shine and they blend well to create magnificent color combinations.

Add words and sayings then place in a decorative bowl at your next party or family get-together. Have each guest choose a random domino then make up a?sentence, song or dance using that word.? What a fun way to entertain your friends AND share your art at the same time!!

So dive in and get messy with your paints and mists then show us what fun little projects you create with them!!

To see more of Erin’;s work, visit her blog –; Scraps of Reflections?and on Instagram –;?Scraps of Reflections.

We found some great domino inspiration on Pinterest here –; Domino Projects on Pinterest

?Happy Creating!!





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