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accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir How To - Part 6 - Get The Venetian Style funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-11-29 06:59 Views: 154

The Venetian style for interior design is very Italian grandeur and inspired by the city itself, it has a slight romantic vibe. Another major element of Venetian design is the creative flair and artistic vision that is both classical and very magnificent - you only have to look at the architecture of Venice's town-houses and plazas to get a sense of the style. The Venetian style is one like no other - unique and with a defined identity to turn homes into a modern day masterpiece. The cities Gothic era also has a strong relation on the style and the love for rich decoration as well as their once close relation with the east and renaissance styles.

It is in the bedroom that the Venetian style really comes into its own - especially the more romantic side of it. Bedrooms become camere de letto and rich colours such as red, warmaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, creamy yellows and gold will be the perfect collaboration. Play around with different textures on the bed and keep in mind that the look is grandeur so fabrics should be a luxury to touch. If space provides, a four poster bed would make a great focal point but if your room is smaller simply add the style with a button tufted headboard, beautiful bedspreads and curtain drapery on the back wall. You might also like the effect of a large mirror behind the bed with detailed gold frame. Choose wooden furniture in a cherry finish and elegant carving - marble tops would also look very grand. A Murano glass chandelier would look very fitting or an imitation if you are on a budget!

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Cherry woods can be seen throughout the Venetian styled home but when it is too much you can always use an off-white for units with marble tops (they are really quite essential to this look). Once again, glass ornaments such as chandeliers and vases will work wonderfully into the design and reflect light around rooms with mid to darker woods or small areas.

When I came across a piece of red and white polka dot oilcloth in the fabric store I just couldn’t resist it. Oilcloth makes the perfect lining for a garden tote because it can be wiped clean. This tote would also be great for taking to the farmers market. Fill it with fruits and veggies and then just wipe the inside clean with a damp cloth.

Many messenger bags don't come with a third-leg stabilizing strap, which comes in handy when riding a bike or doing anything active. Here's how to add your own!

Chances are that if you’re reading this post, you are the designated family quilt historian. That’s a great job to have! Preserving your family’s quilt history, or your own quilt history, is an important task. A large amount of quilt history is lost to us as quilters because wonderful quilts have not been carefully preserved or documented. I’m on a mission to help change that! All my free time is spent quilting, but by day I work as the Curator at the Pick Museum of Anthropology, an academic museum at Northern Illinois University where the best part of my job is researching and preserving a large collection of textiles from around the world.

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