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accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir How To - Part 5 - Create On Trend Shabby Chic funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-11-28 20:35 Views: 107

Those of you who love visiting car boot sales and flea markets will be naturally drawn to the design elements of on-trend shabby chic. This look is very elegant but more cosy and country than glitzy and extravagant. Entering a home that is decorated with the ideals of shabby chic will be very inviting, homely and laid-back. This look is inspired by our homeland and the British countryside - items of furniture and accessories are slightly worn such as cracks in the paint and fabrics that look as though they have faded over time.

It still requires an elegant touch from a lady and creativeness in the sense of recycling furniture and playing around with fabrics. We don't preach that everything in your home has to have a history - there is a great range of new designs that follow the concept and have a slightly rough edge to them. For sofas and upholstered furniture the colour is best white or a pastel such as pink.

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Again, the pastel colours should have a slight sun-bleached look to them if possible. Choose natural curtain fabrics such as cotton or linen and if you must use patterns in larger furniture pieces then think about floral - roses have the right amount of romance and British charm. Just think about your Grandmother's old cottage in the countryside and you are getting very close! Just update a little to make it more contemporary if you wish.

Moving onto the bedroomaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, look for beds that have wrought iron and either keep it black or better still give it a few layers of white paint and don't forget to sand down some areas! You can really experiment with bedspreads as the shabby chic style calls for a mixture of patterns - stripes, gingham and vintage floral can be mixed and matched and changed from week to week for a fresh look. Just be careful with the colours as something must bring the varied patterns together.

Choose one main pastel colour that you like whether it be faded rose pink or a daffodil white and then add other colours in gently. The good thing about pastels is that they compliment each other easier than bold or bright tones. Accessorise with all those flea market finds - chipped teapots, antique mirrors or table lamp, candle holders and a mix of both china and glassware. Don't forget to use fresh flower arrangements such as a bunch of roses in the windowsill or even on a chair by the window.

I like fresh sandwiches, but I don't like the idea of throwing away one-use cling wrap every day or having to take containers along. These sandwich wraps work really well and I have a commercially made one, but I cannot always get them when I want them and worked out how to DIM (Do It Myself).

Easter has been my favorite holiday ever since I was a little girl. I would always start to get super excited when the Cadbury Egg commercials would start airing on TV. I could almost taste the deliciousness before I got my first one of the year. I seriously wished for the Cadbury Bunny to be my very own pet and each year I would be sure to tell the Easter Bunny that all I wanted in my Easter basket was Cadbury Eggs (and some live baby chicks, but that’s another story)!

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