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accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir How Not to Lose Sleep Over Holiday Party Invites linen pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-08 22:37 Views: 55

If one of your friends has massive gatherings every year, you can definitely get out of attending. The larger the soirée, the easier it is to ditch, since you are one of many invitees. Just be sure to RSVP ‘no’ instead of simply bailing if you want to stay on that massive invite list next year. And remember to include a thank you/happy holidays when you decline. A floating ‘no’ just reads like a diss.

If one of your friends is up to her ears in littlesaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, it’s understandable that she’s making her party PG this year – and it’s also understandable that you don’t want to go. She’ll get over it. You wouldn’t go to a dog park if you didn’t have a dog!

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If you’ve never spent time together outside of the cubicle, you don’t need to go to your coworker’s party. But be advised: If you’re the only one from Marketing?who doesn’t show up, we all know who they’re going to be gossiping about…

If your perfect party involves a couch and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” but your partner is inclined to go to every party/event/opening of an envelope…do not feel obligated to click ‘yes’ on all the Evites he/she forwards. Find a compromise you both feel good about.

Haha, you wish. You have to go to that one. But the good news is that by going to a family function, you will get a pass for…

You can pass on these invites. The hosts will accept – and probably expect – that most of the people they invite will be tied up on those days.

Cousin Julia’s ugly sweater party? Your next-door neighbor’s caroling shindig? If the thought of going to a certain annual bash turns you into a Grinch, try this novel idea: Skip it! This is your life, and you do not have to spend it caroling in an ugly sweater unless you want to!

Why put yourself through hell? If there is someone in your life who it’s just too painful – or even just too awkward – to see at the moment, then don’t. The host will understand. And if they don’t, why are you friends with them, anyway?

Martha Stewart and one of her production assistants create unique Easter eggs using silk ties.

If you think Scrapbooking is all about big books filled with pages and pages of layouts and photos, you are only partially right, you can do a single layout, frame it and show it off and that is Scrapbooking too. ?We think that photos deserve to be showcased and shown off, so we?are always looking for new, exciting ways to showcase our favorite photos. For some people the word “layout” can seem a little intimidating, but the cool thing is… It doesn’t have to be complicated! In this blog, we are highlighting a beautiful, but simple layout that our friend Emeline Seet created using some Canvas Corp Printed Cardstock and 7gypsies Papers and Ephemeras.

We asked stylist and zodiac expert Ana Alic to give us some insight into the home decor preferences of each sign—check them out below!

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