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accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir Fill Your Walls With Artwork Stenciled By You! Personality linen pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-17 17:17 Views: 146

Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends!??We all have blank walls, but not everyone is an artist and few of us have the budget for one-of-a-kind works of art. If you want the wall space in your home to represent your personality then we have the perfect project for you! Today we are sharing how easy it is to create DIY wall art using stencils.? Come be inspired…;

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We’;d like to you to meet Mariaaccent pillow case baby canvas boudoir, the DIY decorating enthusiast behind the blog Simple Nature Decor. Maria was one of the participating bloggers for the One Room Challenge (ORC).? The ORC was designed by Linda from Calling it Home and its purpose is to have DIY bloggers put their creativity, perseverance and patience to test by completing a room makeover in six short weeks.

Maria’;s goal was to makeover her guest bedroom.? She had bought a home a little over a year ago so she was starting with a blank slate.? The guest bedroom was a space that her daughter planned to use when she visits so Maria wanted it to be warm and inviting.? Maria said her goal for this space was a “;Blue and white guest bedroom with a Mediterranean feel.”;? Here is the bedroom she started with…;

The crisp clean white room was a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated. Today we’;re going to talk about one DIY project in particular but you can catch her entire One Room Challenge on her blog.

Maria wanted to decorate her guest bedroom with Mediterranean inspired artwork.? She fell in love with a set of prints from Pottery Barn.? They were beautiful cobalt blue coral patterns but they started at $129 for one.? Ouch! Maria put her DIY hat on and decided that she could stencil her own artwork.? She browsed our large collection of stencils and decided the Coral Stencil was perfect for her project.

With her Coral Stencil in hand, Maria was ready to create her easy peasy wall art.?? She had purchased a blank white canvas from Michaels along with some craft paint.? She placed the stencil onto the canvas.

Maria used a stencil brush to paint the beach-inspired pattern in Folk Art’;s Cayman Blue.

Once she had painted the canvas, she lifted the stencil to reveal the pretty pattern.

The pretty Coral Stencil pattern was perfect for her Mediterranean guest bedroom.

Maria had this to say about her stencil project, “;And so excited to see it all come together… Picture yourself lying around in bed ?having a cup of tea or coffee looking around, hopefully these hand-made corals will be enjoyable to look at!”;? We love them and we’;re sure her guests will too!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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